First Church of Christ, Scientist, Tulsa
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Sunday School Staff

Gay Fraley works as an accounting supervisor for Barton Construction Company. During her free time, she is a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up.  She has been superintendent for our Sunday School for the past three years. She says, “There’s no place I’d rather be than in Sunday School.”


Pre-school class
Alice Martinez keeps busy with gardening and maintaining an older home. She enjoys her five children, six grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Elementary school class
Mimi Bentley just completed a three-year term serving as First Reader. During the week, she teaches linguistics, traditional grammar, and other courses at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow.

Advanced elementary classes
Virginia Fields is retired. She keeps busy visiting children and grandchildren in Oklahoma and Texas. She also loves to garden and to share her enthusiasm for Christian Science.

Middle school class

Ana Riera recently graduated from the University of North Dakota where she majored in Air Traffic Control.  She is currently working at the Pre-School at Riverfield Country Day School.   

High School Class
Marty Clark is the head of Riverfield Country Day School. She has two sons and six grandchildren. She just completed a three-year term as Second Reader.  Teaching children has been her life’s career.

Substitute Teacher
Liz Costen serves as substitute when she is available since she recently accepted a job that involves overseas travel.  She has many nieces and nephews and looks forward to teaching in Sunday School after serving as church soloist for the past ten years.

Piano Accompanist
Carol Vaughan has a degree in Music from the University of Tulsa.  She is a retired Tulsa Public Schools teacher. She accompanies on piano the Sunday School students during the singing of hymns.

Children's Room Chair
Burnie Perry is retired from the Tulsa Public Schools and currently works part-time at Riverfield Country Day School.

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